Nominate a Writer

Anyone may nominate a writer for the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame. Nomination forms may be filled out online or by printing this pdf, filling it out, and submitting it via mail to::

The Georgia Writers Hall of Fame
Richard B. Russell Building Special Collections Libraries
University of Georgia Libraries
300 S. Hull Street
Athens, Georgia 30602

To be eligible for nomination, a writer must be either a native Georgian or a person who has lived in Georgia and produced a significant work while residing there.

Incomplete forms and those not using the required form will be ruled ineligible, and they will not be forwarded to the Board of Judges.

The essay portion of the nomination form should be limited to 500 words. The Hall of Fame reserves the right to abridge any essay exceeding that limit in order to keep the burdens of processing and reviewing the nominations within reason.

Supplementary information may be attached—but only for addition to the HOF's files on Georgia writers, and not as part of the package that will be forwarded to the Board of Judges. Such materials—photocopies, printouts, news clippings, etc.—will not be accepted as substitutes for a list of references. All forms and supplementary materials become the property of the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame and will not be returned.

Nominations will be reviewed for compliance and accuracy by the Head of the Georgiana Collection, Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library. All nominations will be recorded as received, but only complete and accurate forms will be forwarded to the Board of Judges.

Accepted nominations—those meeting the above criteria—will be reviewed and considered on a continuing, cumulative basis. Nominees that are not selected for the Hall of Fame are automatically eligible for reconsideration in subsequent years. However, there will be a cut-off date for new nominations one month prior to the annual induction ceremony. Nominations received after that date will be processed for the following year.

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